Custom Sevice

ODM/OEM service

Support ODM/OEM service (Brand service, Generation service). We accept small orders to check the quality.

Brand series

1pcs to customize your logo

Customize your logo on the product

100pcs to customize your packaging brand

Do not change the original packaging design of the factory, customize your brand logo on the packaging

500pcs to customize your packaging design

Provide your ideas and design drawings to realize your exclusive packaging

Generation series

2pcs will deliver the goods for you, reducing your inventory risk

Provide complete product information package, product catalog, build your business with zero risk"

Any logo is acceptable, our team provides professional advice based on product aesthetics, engraving and printing your logo on the appropriate location, (such as toothbrush body, toothbrush head, packaging box)

Any number of logo customizations and packaging customizations are supported.

We have a certain amount of stock in stock, and we can make simple customizations based on this condition to meet your small batch test orders. But many companies require you to purchase bulk orders to make samples for you.

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You only need to prepare the logo or design drawings, and we will provide you with professional suggestions for the rest of the details. You only need to accept the suggestions or put forward ideas.

After confirming or preparing all details, samples can be completed within 5-7 days.

Will let you know the process and all the details. First a rough sample will be made for you to confirm; then we will make sure all details or changes after your inspection, we will start making the final sample and then ship to you for careful inspection.

All samples are made with complete craftsmanship and are of very high quality. Artisans take every detail seriously. Whether it is workmanship or fuel injection. Grinding, polishing, and cleaning all go far beyond assembly line production.

In the end, you will be presented with the complete product effect. We will bear all the losses incurred in the process of confirming the details (modification of the printing position, the effect does not meet expectations), and you only need to pay for the first sample fee, when you become our returnee. When single customer, we will provide free proofing service.

And many suppliers can't provide a complete sample production when the material is insufficient, or require you to pay for each loss.

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Since its establishment, Aoshuo Technology has been aiming to provide one-stop "fashionable environmental protection" for global oral health, and strives to become the first in the same industry in China. Over the years, we have served different customer groups, and have won unanimous praise for our concept of environmental protection and health, excellent quality and customer-oriented.

It is also the accumulation, precipitation and innovation in which we have created our own unique fashion and quality in the industry.

After 15 years of development, Aoshuo Technology has become one of the most influential companies in China's oral products industry.

Shenzhen Aoshuo Technology CO.,Ltd.

Regarding OEM/ODM services, with our high-quality services and products, we have retained a group of loyal customers and established long-term cooperative relationships to provide customized services to our different customers.

We focus on oral care products, as well as professional LOGO printing and packaging customization. With our experienced R&D team, we will do our best to turn every client's needs from draft design into reality.

The following are some of our customized products, welcome to tell us your customized ideas, Ausuo Technology will give you a satisfactory answer.

Real Case Of Custom Packagin

Real Case Of Custom Packaging (4)
Real Case Of Custom Packaging (2)
Real Case Of Custom Packaging (3)
Real Case Of Custom Packaging (5)

Real Case Of Custom LOGO

case_img (2)
Real Case Of Custom LOGO (2)
Real Case Of Custom LOGO (3)
Real Case Of Custom LOGO (4)