Newest TB2069 Portable Daily Outing Whitening Adults Sonic Electric Toothbrush With Travel Case

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Under the popularization of intelligent technology, the concept of intelligent life has been favored by many families, and technology has brought a more comfortable and convenient life.

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Shenzhen Aoshuo Technology Co., Ltd. brought a portable electric toothbrush with the latest research and development design – TB2069. As a convenient electric toothbrush, it has the characteristics of daily outing, anti-fall and strong power. Based on market demand and research, TB2069 realizes the perfect fusion of aluminum alloy body material and ABS environmentally friendly plastic. It is like a pen and can be put into any handbag. With a uniquely designed travel tube, users can use it anytime, anywhere. of cleaning the mouth. The combination of high-quality DuPont bristles and powerful motor meets the basic elements of deep cleaning. Equipped with wireless inductive charging mode, it can be used for 60-90 days when fully charged.
Although TB2069 is a small product, it uses the most cutting-edge technology and high-end, environmentally friendly and safe materials, and the multi-functional features truly make it an electric toothbrush that is convenient for people’s life.



Voltage 5V
Power 1W
Current 500mA
Applicable age adults
Vibration frequency 32,000-36,000 times/min
Noise <60dB (decibel)
Battery 320mAh lithium battery, temperature resistance -20℃ - 60℃
Use time 60-90 days
Charging time 2 hours
Modes 3 modes
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Newest TB2069 Portable Daily Outing Whitening Adults S ( (4)

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Newest TB2069 Portable Daily Outing Whitening Adults S (

brush head
①TB2069 adopts high-end environmentally friendly ABS material, American DuPont bristles and German PEDEX color-changing bristles (reminder to replace the brush head).
②W-shaped surface diamond cutting, scientifically fit the 3D shape of the teeth; the top of the bristles is rounded, and the rounding rate is more than 95% (the top of the bristles under the microscope has no thorns, which protects the health of the gums).
③It consists of 20 special-shaped pores, and each special-shaped hole is implanted with more than 120 bristles. The high-density bristles make cleaning more comprehensive.

The exterior is made of complete aluminum alloy material, which solves the problem of "the electric toothbrush is broken due to the accidental fall of the user's daily use";
The connection between the brush head and the main body adopts a buckle design (similar to Philips), and the brush head can be easily replaced At the same time, it ensures the stability of the brush head connection, and the tight connection also brings the benefit of "no bacteria caused by standing water".

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Newest TB2069 Portable Daily Outing Whitening Adults S (1)
Newest TB2069 Portable Daily Outing Whitening Adults S ( (5)

One key operation,3 modes for daily cleaning
· Pink light: Standard (32000vpm/min)
· Blue light: Deep cleaning (36000vpm/min)
· Green light: Polishing (33000vpm/min)

Self-designed and developed mini magnetic levitation motor: no shrapnel design, small size, strong cleaning power, 36,000 vibrations per minute.

Newest TB2069 Portable Daily Outing Whitening Adults S ( (7)
Newest TB2069 Portable Daily Outing Whitening Adults S ( (8)

High-quality wireless inductive charging method, USB power cable, can be used in multiple scenarios such as connecting to a computer, charger, USB power socket, and convenient
It only takes 2 hours to fully charge and can be used for 60-90 days.

It is equipped with a beautiful and unique travel box with small volume design, which is easy to carry when traveling; ventilated and ventilated drainage holes are set at the bottom, and a dust cover is set at the top to keep the product in a dry environment at all times, and achieve the function of dustproof and antibacterial; Shenzhen Ausuo Technology Co., Ltd. has achieved the ultimate product details. After many improvements in the test experience, it puts itself in the position of users to create practical and exquisite products and supporting experience.

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Newest TB2069 Portable Daily Outing Whitening Adults S ( (3)

Smart Reminder & Toothpaste Anti-splash Function
①Intelligent reminder: scientific 2-minute intelligent shutdown, 30-second reminder to replace the brushing area
② Anti-splash: 5 seconds after turning on (to prevent toothpaste from falling off due to shaking when it has not reached the teeth)

IPX7 waterproof rating

You can also brush your teeth in the shower

Newest TB2069 Portable Daily Outing Whitening Adults S ( (11)
Newest TB2069 Portable Daily Outing Whitening Adults S ( (10)

Customizable Exquisite gift box packaging,, flip cover is cardboard material, inner box is environmentally friendly plastic, textured and not easy to damage. Reasonable volume reduces production and transportation costs.
Can be sold and given as a gift, one of the best choices for gift giving

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    We are a manufacturer of Oral Care Products with more than 15years professional experience.

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    We have a professional QA & QC team and will fully track the orders from the very beginning to the very end, such as checking the material, supervising the production, spot-checking the finished goods, instrusting the packing, ect. We also accept a third-party company designated by you to fully check your orders.

    Q3: What is your MOQ of the products?

    The normal MOQ is 10 Sets.

    Q4: What about the lead time for bulk production?

    You can make the payment to our bank account, T/T transfer or payment via alibaba: 30% deposit in advance, 70% balance is paid before leaving the factory

    Q6: How can I believe that after payment you can send the goods to me?

    You really do no have to worry about it. We are a honest and trustworthy supplier. First of all, we’re doing business on, if we did not send the goods out after receiving the payment, you can make a complaint on and then will judge for you. Besides, we’re a member of Trade Assurance with US 68,000 warranty, will guarantee all of your payment.