TB2034 Cute OWL 3 Modes U-Shaped Electric Toothbrush for Children

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Model: AS-TB2034
Color: Yellow/Pink/Blue
This product is specially designed for children aged 2-12. The owl-shaped cartoon pattern design makes this product popular in China and Europe and the United States. We hold the design patent certificate for this product, which enables our customers to have a very huge market. Advantage. The design conforms to the ergonomics of children’s hand feel, uses FDA food-grade environmentally friendly materials, and is easy to operate. It is an enlightening electric toothbrush that cultivates children’s correct brushing method.

MOQ:10 sets(non-custom)500 sets(Customized)

Acceptance: OEM/ODM, Direct Sales

Payment: T/T, L/C, Credit Card

Price: Please feel free, usually it is done on Alibaba which is safe as Amazon, we do not put price on our official website, bcz we are a factory, we aim customizing oral care products for our customers,to comply with the CONFIDENTIALITY AGREEMENT, we do not sell our customers’ custom made or with logo products.

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Voltage DC3.7V
Power 1.5W
Current 200mA
Applicable age Children
Vibration frequency 16000-23000 times/min
Noise <30dB (decibel)
Battery 450mAh lithium battery, temperature resistance -20℃ - 60℃
Use time 45-60 days
Charging time 2 hours
Modes 3 modes
TB2034 Cute OWL 3 Modes (7)

Custom Made Short Details

TB2034 Cute OWL 3 Modes (9)

✔ We have more options

✔ The product is in stock, you can buy the spot product without adding any design

✔ Light customization: custom logo may need 3-5 days processing time

✔ Bulk order production may take 25-35 days processing time

✔ Your order, or according to your design

✔ We ship to USA, Canada, Europe and yes, worldwide shipping

Products Details

TB2034 Cute OWL 3 Modes (8)

The brush head is made of food-grade silicone material, which has passed the FDA certification inspection. Each silicone bristles has been rounded, with about 1082 bristles. On the premise of efficient cleaning, it also ensures the health and safety of infants and young children.

One key operation
3 modes
· Morning mode
· Night mode
· Massage

TB2034 Cute OWL 3 Modes (1)
TB2034 Cute OWL 3 Modes (2)

Equipped with high-quality motor, vibrating 16000-23000 times per minute

The charging method of USB DC direct charging, charging is faster, it takes 2 hours to fully charge, and can be used for 30 days

TB2034 Cute OWL 3 Modes (3)
TB2034 Cute OWL 3 Modes (4)

More Matching
Option 1: With automatic disinfection and drying machine (wall-mounted version), after brushing your teeth, place TB2034 on the device, the device will automatically activate the air-drying function and violet light disinfection, and the device can be wirelessly charged while connected to the power supply.

Option 2: With the ultraviolet disinfection cup, put the TB2034 into the disinfection cup, connect the power supply, and emit ultraviolet rays from the bottom of the disinfection cup to sterilize the TB2034 in all directions

TB2034 Cute OWL 3 Modes (5)
TB2034 Cute OWL 3 Modes (6)

Waterproof and smart reminder
IPX7 waterproof, no damage when immersed in water
Smart reminder: 45 seconds to automatically stop (the gums of infants and young children are relatively fragile, not suitable for long-term brushing)

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  • Q1: Are you a manufacturer or trading company?

    We are a manufacturer of Oral Care Products with more than 15years professional experience.

    Q2: How about your company’s quality control?

    We have a professional QA & QC team and will fully track the orders from the very beginning to the very end, such as checking the material, supervising the production, spot-checking the finished goods, instrusting the packing, ect. We also accept a third-party company designated by you to fully check your orders.

    Q3: What is your MOQ of the products?

    The normal MOQ is 10 Sets.

    Q4: What about the lead time for bulk production?

    You can make the payment to our bank account, T/T transfer or payment via alibaba: 30% deposit in advance, 70% balance is paid before leaving the factory

    Q6: How can I believe that after payment you can send the goods to me?

    You really do no have to worry about it. We are a honest and trustworthy supplier. First of all, we’re doing business on Alibaba.com, if we did not send the goods out after receiving the payment, you can make a complaint on Alibaba.com and then Alibaba.com will judge for you. Besides, we’re a member of Alibaba.com Trade Assurance with US 68,000 warranty, Alibaba.com will guarantee all of your payment.